Dry Dome Port for Meikon & SeaFrogs DSLR Housings V.1

by Seafrogs
Price: $ 185.00
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SeaFrogs Dry Dome Port 

Physical dimensions of extension ring:

  • Length: 40mm
  • Diameter: 90mm

Physical dimensions of Dry Dome Port:

  • Diameter: 208mm
  • Length: 67mm
  • Sphere diameter: 155mm

Compatible model of underwater housings Meikon & SeaFrogs:

 For Canon
For Nikon
  • SeaFrogs for 5D Mark III / IV
  • SeaFrogs for 750D
  • SeaFrogs for 760D
  • Meikon for 80D
  • Meikon for D500
  • Meikon for D750
  • Meikon for D800/800E
  • Meikon for D810/810E 


Neoprene Port cover can be purchased here.

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