Extension ring for Sea Frogs SONY A7 III - A7S III / A7R IV / A9 housings - SONY 70-200mm F4 lens

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https://meikon.com.hk/products/flat-long-port-with-zoom-control-for-sea-frogs-sony-a7-iii-a7s-iii-a7r-iv-a9-housings-sony-70-200mm-f4-lensThis extension ring with in-build zoom gear was created to extend the possibilities of your housing with SONY 70-200mm F4 lens. It can be simply attached between housing and standard flat port to transform your setup to be compatible with SONY 70-200mm F4 lens. The application of aluminium handle included in the package for correct force & weight distribution. It also prevents the unlock of the standard port and also for comfortable handling and caring.

We strongly recommend using the handle that comes with the package - under no circumstances you should be using this extension ring with Pistol Grip accessory!

Extension ring with inbuild zoom gear for Sea Frogs SONY A7III - A7SIII / A7R IV / A9 housings - SONY 70-200mm F4 lens


New model available here: (https://meikon.com.hk/products/flat-long-port-with-zoom-control-for-sea-frogs-sony-a7-iii-a7s-iii-a7r-iv-a9-housings-sony-70-200mm-f4-lens)

Compatible housings:

  • Sea Frogs Sony A7 III 
  • Sea Frogs Sony A7 III V.2
  • Sea Frogs Sony A7R III 
  • Sea Frogs Sony A7R III V.2
  • Sea Frogs Sony A7S III
  • Sea Frogs Sony A7R IV
  • Sea Frogs Sony A9 
  • Sea Frogs Sony A9 V.2

Compatible lenses:

  • Sony 70-200mm F4

Compatible ports:

  • Standard port

* Please note that this extension ring is not compatible with a flat long port


  • Hard anodized aluminium 

Depth rate: 40 meters / 130 feet

Package includes:

  • Extension ring
  • Spare O-ring
  • Foam spacer
  • Handle
  • Zoom strap
  • Silicone grease (5ml)