60M/195FT Waterproof housing for Sony RX1xx series Salted Line with Pistol grip & 6" Optical Glass Dry Dome Port(Orange)

$ 780.00
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SeaFrogs Sony RX1xx series Salted Line 60m/195ft orange color waterproof camera housing with a 6-inch Optical Glass Dry dome port and grip trigger was created especially for those who travel a lot and need an ergonomic solution for the camera. Our product will suit divers who use Sony RX100 III, RX100 IV, RX100 V, RX100 VI, and RX100 VII cameras and enjoy underwater photography while diving. This rig features a 6-inch dome port with a 7mm thickness of optically correct glass for clear, distortion-free images. With a waterproof depth rating of 60 meters or 195 feet, it's ideal for scuba and freedivers. 

The standard Flat Port allows you to zoom from 24mm to 200mm without issues or vignetting. When using a 6" Glass Dry Dome Port, you can zoom from 24mm to 200mm, but it will only work correctly between 24mm and 35mm. Beyond this range, you will encounter soft corners, distortions, and an inability to focus.

Compatible cameras:

  • Sony RX100 III
  • Sony RX100 IV
  • Sony RX100 V
  • Sony RX100 VI
  • Sony RX100 VII 

Please be aware the unit is not suitable for Sony RX100 & RX100 II cameras.


    Key Features:

    • Inbuilt leak sensor
    • Depth rate of 60m/195ft (with 6" dome port 60M/195FT)
    • Dual Fiber-Optic port (Sea&Sea type)
    • Port for vacuum test system
    • Two 1/4" -20 threaded holes
    • Interchangeable port system
    • Control wheel access
    • Double-sided metal hinge lock
    • Detachable Pistol grip with 2 stage trigger (Included)
    • Multi-coated optical glass standard flat port & dome port
    • Reinforced metallic bottom plate


    Please note, that a standard port that comes with this unit doesn't have a 67mm thread, so it is not possible to attach 67mm accessories such as filters or lenses.

            Technical Specifications:

            • Width: 16.5cm (6.5")
            • Height: 15cm (5.9")
            • Length: 16.5cm (6.5")
            • Weight: ±1172 GR (2.6 LBS)
            • Buoyancy: Positive


            Accessible Controls:

            • ON/OFF (Power) Switch
            • Shutter button
            • Mode selector dial
            • Control ring
            • Flash button
            • MENU button
            • For shooting: W/T (zoom) lever For viewing: (Index) lever/ Playback zoom lever
            • Video record button
            • FN button
            • Control wheel
            • Center button
            • C/ (Custom/Delete) button
            • Playback button


            Package Includes:

            • Underwater housing with a standard flat port
            • 6" Optical Glass Dry dome port
            • Neoprene cover for Dome Port
            • 2 Stage pistol grip
            • Silicone grease (5ml)
            • User manual
            • Aperture control ring for RX100 (III - V)
            • Aperture control ring for RX100 VI/VII
            • Replacement control wheel for RX100 III
            • Spare O-ring