Dear customers,

MEIKON’s 2 Year factory warranty for underwater camera housings only applies to products purchased from our website or from authorized sellers and does not extend beyond the original retail purchaser.

For any warranty related questions please provide a serial number of underwater housing, sales channel and order ID. Each underwater housing has its own unique serial number that starts with letter R. (as shown on the pictures below)

If the product does not have letter R, this means it was not purchased from our website or our authorized sellers. Meikon HK is not responsible for products that were purchased from third party sellers! 

If the product was purchased from third party sellers that are not assosiated with Meikon HK, our company reserves the right to decline in following

  • warranty related information

  • shipping time information

  • technical details or specifications

  • operational guideline

  • spare parts request

  • exchange of a product

Our company highly suggest getting in touch with original seller for any of the points that are mentioned above.

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