CamDive® Neoprene cover for underwater housings is available now!

This unique invention is finally available for sale now! Every underwater photographer at least once in life had this problem. You lay all the gear and accessories you need on the floor, slowly and methodically step by step you arrange it all in your dive bag until you come across an underwater housing. Now, obviously you don't want  to scratch it or hit other items in your bag while you getting to your destination and natural instinct is to wrap it in towel or get a cardboard box. But extra towel is extra weight and cardboard box will get wet and fall apart - which is not ideal.

Another situation is when you already at the dive boat and put your housing inside fresh water tank. When the boat moves, so is everything on it and occasionally your housing will hit other housings in the water tank and the walls, so this is where the neoprene cover comes in handy. Just put it on your housing and drop it inside your bag, fresh water tank etc. The thought of your housing being save from small bumps and scratches eases your mind and lets you concentrate on more things.

Neoprene thickness is 3.5mm and the best part of this cover is that there are no zippers, buttons or even velcro - it uses an underwater housing shape to securely fix itself.

At the moment there are 2 sizes available Small and Medium, you can see for which models of underwater housings it fits by clicking the listing.

Click here to see it.

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