The new housing for EOS M3 is here !!!!

Dear friends as many of you know Canon released it's new version of EOS M camera with inbuilt flash. EOS M3 

You might think - " well it's not a big deal, now days most of the compact cameras come with inbuilt flash ". If we will look at the previous model, the very first EOS M, in order for you to to have the flash - you needed to buy one.


Which was bulky and to make matters worse, your underwater housing had to be massive to fit that Canon flash. 

Now however, things changed and you no longer going to look goofy with that massive housing, all thanks to the new inbuilt flash with which you can trigger a slave flash or strobe underwater and it looks pretty small compare to the original EOS M housing!


You will have an option between 2 models of this housing: One is with the port for 22mm lens and the other one is going to be for 18-55mm lens. Oh and the best part is - The ports are interchangeable :) So possible in the future, we will be selling the ports separately. 

As of right now you may pre order this underwater housing 




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