Which sync cord to use with Meikon underwater housing for Sony A7 and A7 II ?

This question is one of the most asked questions we get. 

As most of you know recently updated version of Meikon housing for Sony A7 ( mark 1 ) got a new feature and now this housing comes with SYNCHRO port to which you can connect a strobe. The same port is used on A7 II housing, so now both of the Sony flagman cameras can be used with flash in Meikon housing underwater.

The cable is called: 

Sea&Sea Scuba Diving 5-Pin N Type Synchro Cord for YS-Series Strobe 17100

What type of strobes can I use? - You may ask.

Well the answer is is here too and it is :

INON D 2000 & INON Z 240



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