Sony HX90 and WX500 world's smallest superzoom point and shoot cameras

Today we are going to have a look at one of the cheapest cameras produced by Sony and it is HX90 and WX500. The average price for this camera is around 320 USD, which is not bad at all for a small compact camera. This price is almost the same as RX100 , but HX90 is newer - meaning better. There are 3 cameras that share the same body: HX90, HX90V and WX500.

Meikon made an announcement about these housings a couple of months back and to our surprise they came through very fast with these new housings. We assume since they share Cyber-Shot DNA, it wasn't too hard to modify the existing housing for Mk.IV, which resulted in a quick manufacturing, which is always great when new camera is out.


So we did a couple of test shots and this one came out great, because you can see some of the equipment that was with us on the testing day. This photo was taken inside the housing and we apologies that there is only one photo, just before the dive the battery died( keep in mind it is hard to keep track of 10 cameras and make sure they all fully charged ).

In this photo you can see :

1. Canon G7X with underwater tray ( 1" ball setup) and 2 Archon lights (2600 L each )

2.  Sony RX100 IV with underwater tray ( 1 x 1" ball arm & YS arm ) one Archon 2600L & one Strobe.

3. Sony A6000 with aluminium handle and big Archon light 6500 Lumens.

All 3 housings have a wide angle correctional dome port lens equipped.


I hope you like this post and there are more to come with newer models!




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