Fujifilm X-T10 (16-50mm)

As many of you know Fujifilm doesn't make underwater housings for their cameras, especially for a mediocre camera such as X-T10. Don't get me wrong, it is a great camera in all areas and that's what makes it a good all around camera. So I did a little digging to find an underwater housing for this camera and guess what ?!?! Nothing came up. Anything that was somewhat close to shooting underwater with this camera is that bag type of nonsense that people buy and think " Oh, I am an underwater photographer now! :D" . That all changes today with the launch of Meikon underwater camera housing for Fujifilm X-T10!!! 

In this housing you can use 16-50mm lens and you will have full control of your camera. The build quality is great and I'm more than happy with it and the depth rate which is 40 meters is more than enough ( at least for me that is ). If you want to hook up some strobes, you can do so by attaching your fiber-optic cables to the housing and the strobe. The type of connector is Sea&Sea, which is very common if you do not use TTL.



Just like other underwater housing from Meikon that came out this year, this model is also equipped with leak detection sensor and it does what it says. By pressing on it with your finger it will pick up the moisture on your hand and will start beeping along side flashing red led.

Leak detection sensor

Full control of the lens

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