Spare Flat Port 1 (FP.1)

by Meikon
Price: $ 59.00
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Dear customers please note: We can't possibly know all compatible lenses for this port, since it can be used on several models of Meikon/SeaFrogs underwater housings for different cameras. However we have physical dimensions of this port which are listed below alongside all housings that it will fit this port.

Please do some research on your lens diameter and length prior of purchasing this unit. You may contact the manufacturer of a lens to find out the dimensions or research online.

Physical dimension:

Diameter - 90mm

Length - 62mm

For Canon

For Nikon

For Fujifilm

  • SeaFrogs for 5D Mark III / IV
  • SeaFrogs for 750D
  • SeaFrogs for 760D
  • Meikon for 80D
  • Meikon for D500
  • Meikon for D750
  • Meikon for D800/800E
  • Meikon for D810/810E
  • SeaFrogs X-T2



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